Leather Armguard - Large

Leather Armguard - Large


Leather Armguard/Bracer Large Size. Leather Lace. Boot Hooks. Approx. 7 1/2" x 8" wide.

Leather Armguard - Medium

Leather Armguard - Medium


Leather Armguard/Bracer Medium Size. Leather Lace. Boot Hooks. Approx. 6"x6".

Leather Armguard - Small

Leather Armguard - Small


Leather Armguard/Bracer Small Size. Leather Lace. Boot Hooks. Approx. 5"x5".

Made from 8oz veg tanned leather and utilizing sturdy boot hooks, this armguard is 100% function.  The leather lace means you don't have to deal with elastic losing integrity, and the heavy leather makes for a great strop, convenient for putting that razor edge on your hunting knife and broadheads while afield.   These armguards are made right here at Echo Archery. 

Some armguards are made to last a season or two.  Echo Archery armguards are made to last a lifetime.

The armguard needs to do two things: 1) protect the archers arm from string slap, and 2) to keep shirt or overcaot sleeves out of the way of the string.  It is also nice to have an armguard that can be easily put on or removed with one hand.  I tried many different armguards before I settled in on this style, but I was not satisfied with the quality available, so I started making my own. Soon after I began making my own armguards, I found I was making them for family, friends, and students...and Echo Archery was born!


Received the guards today and they are a perfect fit. Excellant work, just what I was looking for and will last forever. Immediately put 1 on and grabbed my trad recurve for a session. The leather is soft, comfortable and will take no time to form.  I will definatly recommend your products to anyone.
Thanks for the great service, a quality product and turn around time.
-Guy West