From yew longbows to obsidian tipped primitive arrows, Echo Archery offers the finest in classical archery equipment

Echo Archery Bow-making Classes

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Featured Product

Bamboo Backing Strips   New Low Prices!

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Bamboo Backing Strips - Requires prep work

$8.00 each

6' long by 2" wide. With our shipping rates...this is the best price on these backing strips anywhere!

Bamboo Backing Strips - Prepared/Tapered

18.00 each

6' long by 2" wide. Reduced in thickness with a gradual taper. Surface is ready for glue-up.  Great deal!

Bamboo Backing Strips Wholesale - 25 pack

155.00 and FREE SHIPPING

Free Shipping makes this the best deal out there

These are 6' long by 2" wide

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